1. Ralph47

    Prayer Successfulness Poll

    Kindly estimate how successful your prayers have been over the years. You cannot include highly general ones; (extreme) example: you've exhausted all ordinary means of gaining some money (so your car won't be repossessed the next week), you pray and you win the lottery 20 years later. Nor...
  2. R

    Donald Trump

    Many people have bad things to say about Donald Trump but I have something good to say. Trump says if he wins, he can get prayer brought back in schools. Children need to pray in schools. If they're taught to pray, they might grow up to be Christians. That would make them better citizens and...
  3. David

    Hear my prayer!

    I dedicate this thread to the mighty Olympians and shall share any prayers, hymns and poems they inspire within me. Lord Apollon, hear my prayer! Mighty Apollon, Lord of health, wisdom, justice, truth, unerring prophecy and more, I offer you this prayer and call for guidance! Please lead me...