1. Ralph47

    Predictions For 2020

    I predict Ralph Nader WON'T run for President (he'll be 86, almost 87 on Inaugural Day). :D:D:D
  2. arcturus88

    predictions for 2018!!

    its that time once again for junior soothsayers and mediums of the clairvoyant variety to make some predictions about what will come to pass in 2018. They can be Trump specific, such as this gem from tecoyah: or they can relate to anything in the world in terms of politics, wars...
  3. arcturus88

    what's your Trump fears / predictions

    What do you worry about with a Trump presidency? WWIII? Nuclear war? Loss of rights? Economic collapse? new totalitarian state? Human rights calamity? increased Islamic terrorism? internal race or some kind of civil war? all of the above (I have generalized anxiety disorder)...
  4. arcturus88

    What are your predictions for 2014?

    Give it a shot , you may be psychic and don't even know it!? I will post my predictions shortly.
  5. tecoyah

    Predictions for the fiscal cliff

    It seems the election is over, and within a week we should get back to normal. My personal hope is for a "New" normal where our government actually manages to work. I predict a shift in both the President and the Opposition, as the alternative would be terrible, and they both know it. Likely...
  6. myp

    ACA decision to be announced Thursday- predictions?

    The Supreme Court will be announcing its decision on the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) on Thursday. Any predictions on what happens? If substantial portions get thrown out, what happens politically? What happens next time the reform talks roll around?
  7. myp

    Fed meeting in 2 days - predictions?

    It is going to be interesting in 2 days when the Fed has its next scheduled meeting. Things for a couple of weeks seemed like they would stick to what is currently being run due to optimism on the part of the Fed. Recent news, however, has turned that sentiment and the market seems to be...
  8. myp

    2012 Congressional Election Predictions

    Since this is a Presidential election year, the Congressional races have been overshadowed even though the outcomes in Congress can have huge impacts on what the new President will be able to do. What do you expect to happen in Congress generally with the upcoming election? Do you expect the Tea...
  9. myp

    Predictions for 2012

    With the year coming to an end, would anyone care to make some predictions for 2012, especially politically? Doesn't have to be political though. A few from me: I think the general election will be very close and almost unpredictable really. I expect for the Eurozone problems to continue...