1. Ralph47

    Pride & Glory

    Here's the deal: pride and glory go hand in hand; if you have glory, then you have something to be proud of. No glory, no pride. However, I believe that some religious individuals believe that pride is a SIN, even they throw the word "glory" a LOT. Can someone reconcile this...
  2. Comet

    Man sues after being restricted from passing out Bibles at gay pride parade

    You know what I would have told this man? I would have said sure, you have the right and freedom of speech to pass out your bibles at this rally. Freedom of speech is great, is it not? It sure is. And in the name of freedom of speech, we are going to place a bonfire right next to your stand so...
  3. prasanth5

    Pride and prejudice

    What do you think about pride? Is self-pride admissible? Pride sometimes paves the way for self-destruction as well. We have many instances of that in our epics too. Take for example King Duryodhana of the Kuru dynasty. he perished due to self-pride!