1. S

    President Trump's clear public message

    President Trump's clear public message at the APEC CEO Summit
  2. N

    Public control of money creation

    ' Public control of money creation .
  3. P

    Should the public be given further say, or should we trust our government?

    Whether you voted for remain or leave, the handling of the Brexit campaign was undeniably quite poor. Misinformation was present on both sides which makes one question whether it was truly the right decision to leave the result up to the public. Despite such an important decision being left...
  4. Cerise

    Zimbabwe says public account stood at $217 last week

    Zimbabwe's Finance Minister Tendai Biti has said that the country only had $217 (£138) left in its public account last week after paying civil servants. However, he said that the following day some $30m of revenue had been paid in. Mr Biti told the BBC he made the revelation in order to...
  5. myp

    Goldman Sachs to invest in public social services

    A new program centered around "social service bonds" will allow the large investment bank to invest in and in turn bet on a program to reduce recidivism in the state. If the program meets certain benchmarks, Goldman can profit handsomely, otherwise it can lose money. Interesting idea...
  6. myp

    High grade beef prices rise, pink slime beef prices plummet on public outcry

    Following the pink slime news.
  7. myp

    Supreme Court to hear case about racial preferences in public university admissions

    A young woman from Texas will have her case heard in the Supreme Court in which she challenges that public universities should not be able to pick students based on race to make the student bodies more diverse. The case is controversial and the first time since 2003 that the highest court is...
  8. P

    Public "schools" SUING states for more money! The leftwing always does this - tries to get from liberal judges what they can't get democratically from state legislatures. Just another example of the growth of the leftwing statist anti-democratic movement in...
  9. E

    Sarah Palin Really Unfit for Public Office - An Editorial

    The more I read about Sarah Palin the more disgusted I become with her in running for public office. First she too quickly abandons her job as Alaska's governor due to all the so-called pressure she seems to constantly endure. That is not a good sign for a politician seeking a new public...
  10. myp

    Public defenders for animals a possibility in Switzerland

    There is an interesting situation in Switzerland right now, as the country gets set for a vote that would compel all cantons within the country to hire lawyers. The government is trying to get voters to vote no on the situation, claiming that the money could be better used elsewhere in the fight...
  11. ArghMonkey

    Palin Tricked By Comedian Again, Says Says Canada Should Drop Public Health Care Would anyone here actually want to see Palin with power?
  12. deanhills

    Ban on Smoking in Public Places ... how effective is it?

    The UK has just come up with a study that proves that banning smoking in public places has helped to curb heart disease. Do you think one would be able to evaluate something like that. I would have thought that it could help in a subtle way, but that it has been the overall anti-smoking...
  13. C

    Have you ever thought of running for public office?

    I've never wanted to have anything to do with politics, but I find it fascinating. This last presidential campaign was absolutely fascinating. I tend to say what I think, bluntly, and that isn't a good thing for a politician. I'm also slow to take a hint. I'm not stupid, but I haven't got a...