1. Ralph47

    Moore Still In Lead 10 Days Before Race

  2. Protectionist

    So You Want To Talk RACE RELATIONS, huh ? OK.

    Yesterday on Meet the Press, a bunch of leaders of the Black community spoke out about race relations in America. It has become a topic of conversation after the Zimmerman trial, Obama's recent speech, and the Al Sharpton race hustle rallies (pretending to be civil rights protests). These...
  3. S

    Guns and race

    The thread title comes from Juan Williams. His Wall Street Journal piece; Race and the Gun Debate I'll link. Juan Williams: Race and the Gun Debate - WSJ.com This hits several points I've made recently. Firstly, I thought the Newtown response was kneejerk and exposed many with a gun control...
  4. myp

    Convince me to vote one way or the other on the Presidential race

    I plan on probably not voting for either. My state will be going for Obama. I don't like either candidate and am voting more to vote on the other issues on our ballot.
  5. myp

    Romney surges- tied race once again

    After a while of Obama leading the polls, Romney is back. Some recent polls including today's by Reuters have the two candidates very close to one another. Some of it is obviously from Romney's good performance in the first debate. Where do things go from here?
  6. David

    So, who are you backing in the Presidential race?

    I'm backing Anderson. Not expecting him to win but the whole system is a mess because people don't want to 'wast their vote'. From now on i'm voting for who I like, not who I think will win and I'll tell every voter I see to do the same even if they're not backing the same person. It's the only...
  7. S

    the bias of race and the hate crime

    I do not think there should be special laws that apply to a hate crime ( especially bad punishments ) just laws that that apply to the situation at hand for example if a white neo nazi curb stomped a african-american i dont think he deserves a worse punishment then if he curb stomped a white guy
  8. A

    Lola Karimova joins the race of “successors”

    Lola Karimova joins the race of “successors” According to the sources from “Uzbekiston Havo Yullari” (Uzbekistan Airlines), the national aviation company, there was an incident on the flight “Frankfort on the Main – Tashkent” on 30th of January. Timur Tillayev, the businessman, more known...
  9. myp

    Michele Bachmann exits race

    She started off last night's speech seeming like she might drop, but then insisted she would keep fighting on. And today, I guess after some reflection, she has announced that she will drop out of the race.
  10. P

    Mushelle obama booed at florida race track

    ... along with Mrs. Biden, wife of the VP. :p Can't remember when I saw that for a first lady. The anti-obama sentiment in florida, a key electoral state, seems strong. http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/sfl-nascar-homestead-michelle-obama-20111120,0,6437580.story
  11. C

    Race and Terror

    [FONT=&quot] [SIZE=4]Warning! This post contains some shocking political incorrectness-isms that might be offensive to certain conventional-minded and conservative members of the reading audience. To begin with, political and Islamist “terrorism” is a safety concern and obsession mainly of...
  12. O

    Was Henry Gates arrest by Officer Crowley motivated by race?

    First of all I know that this is a rather old subject but race relations are still a big thing and I noticed there were no threads on this subject. I wanted to put a poll out to see what you guys thought. Was Henry Gates arrest by Officer Crowley motivated by race? Please post on how you voted...
  13. O

    Race in politics?

    Do you think that african american people can still claim that they are being treated unfairly and biased now that a black man has the highest office in the land? Hell, BO is the most powerful man in the world.