1. Ralph47

    RACIST Democrats!

    The majority of Congressional members that are boycotting the State of the Union Address are Americans of African origin. Their racism is blatantly showing!!! :mad: They need to quit living in the past! (nearly 60 years ago). :smug:
  2. N

    Winston Churchill: Hero, racist, and imperialist

    Winston Churchill: Hero, racist, and imperialist How similar, how very similar, to America's Dear Old Presidential Slimeball ! .
  3. F


    The arguments of liberals are more often grounded in reason and fact.” But to fear a black person on the street more than a white person is a racial “stereotype”, “bred” into us ,so they say. It is true that Jesse Jackson confessed to the same fear. More importantly, that fear is a rational...
  4. chris7375

    Were Danny Glover's comments Racist?

    Hey everyone sorry I have not been around. I had to help a friend, had some family down, and I need a break from a few things. So anyway with that being said I came across this interesting article. I found it last week because I read the news online for the most part. I myself think it was a...
  5. S

    Gun politics racist and disgusting

    We even have Juan Williams claiming there is race involved in those that do not want to see their 2nd amendment rights restricted. That those opposers of 'reasonable legislation' center in the US south, I believe Obama once referred to them as those that "cling to their guns and bibles." Where...
  6. K

    Barack Obama is a Racist

    Barack Obama is racist towards Asian people. Google "Barack Obama racist against Asians" and you'll find a youtube video where he openly stated that Asian people were short. This was on Jimmy Kimmel.
  7. H

    black african civilization prior to european colonalization and racist stereotypes

    i just recently started using this forum and was worried about the tales people chat of no black civilizations or nations prior to european contact. and i wanted to correct that. i also wanted to say something about the belief that savage blacks captured savage blacks and sold them to whites. i...
  8. myp

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid faces scrutiny for racist remarks

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is currently under a lot of fire from various groups as racist remarks that he made during the 2008 election period have recently surfaced. Reid is quoted as saying that the country was ready for a "light-skinned" African-American president with "no Negro...
  9. F

    Obama's current actions show he's racist.

    I mean come on. The guy is taking a train up to washington and his favorite president is Lincoln? does this not say something about his state of mind? Lincoln being the savior to the African Americans and working with them. The train tracks built by the African slaves during slavery. I think...