1. Ralph47

    Tax Bill: Get Ready For An Awesome Economy!

    :D:D:D "There may be disagreements on the numerical effects, but the principle has worked in the past (JFK and Reagan) and will work in the future. A 20 percent corporate tax rate, immediate full expensing, repatriation of U.S. corporate cash overseas, and a 23 percent discount for...
  2. myp

    Russian warships ready for Syrian evacuation

    Russia is getting ready to evacuate its citizens from the growingly hostile country.
  3. N

    US banks ready for another bailout .....

    US banks are ready to fall apart as Euro debt crisis intensifies .... They will seek another tax payer funded bailout (more material for OWS). Fannie Mae asking for another $7.8B bailout. USPS looking for bailout. Alabama county filing for bankruptcy. Many CA counties filing for bankruptcy...
  4. myp

    Bernanke says Fed ready to act

    Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke is at it again, saying that the Fed is ready to act with more stimulus in order to counter a weakening economy, only a few weeks after QE2 ended and the Fed insisted it was done. The easy money will continue to flow it seems...
  5. I

    Syria says it is ready for all the possibilities in the absence of peace

    Source: Did Syria have any threats with Israel? Did you people think that policies of Israel are fair for the peaceful world?