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    Why the minimum wage does not reduce jobs.

    Why the minimum wage does not reduce jobs. Job creations were generally not due to altruistic motives; enterprises speculated that there would be a favorable cost-benefit to justify those jobs. After each of the federal minimum wage, (FMW) rate increases, employers continued to perceive...
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    US looks for India to reduce oil purchases from Iran
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    Reduce Debt - No Paychecks for Congress

    Did you know that each time your Congressional representative receives his or her paycheck it causes the national debt to rise? Yes it most certainly does. So you see it is not only us senior citizens causing the national debt to rise but also our legislators and President as well. To be...
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    Reduce the trade deficit; increase GDP & median wage

    Warren Buffett?s concept to significantly reduce USA?s trade deficit I?m a proponent of a proposal that was introduced to the Senate in 2006. Trade deficits are always detrimental to a nation?s GDP. Trade deficit?s detriment to the GDP exceeds the amount of the deficit itself. The GDP...
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    Study: cell phone bans don't reduce crashes

    A recent study has come up with the conclusion that cell phone bans don't reduce crashes. It is certainly an interesting idea in light of the push towards cell phone bans for drivers. The study found that the real issue is with distractions in general and that banning cell phones does not do...