1. Ralph47

    Idea For Effective Immigration Reform

    The border lined with robotic machine guns. :smug:
  2. S

    Tax cuts and jobs act.

    H.R. 1, “Tax cuts and jobs act”: Within the proposed “Tax Cuts & Jobs Act”, the populist proposal doubling the standard deduction is of conspicuous merit, and eliminating the alternative minimum tax would be contemptible. (Increasing the standard deduction would be further improved if it...
  3. N

    HOW TO SAVE MODERN CIVILIZATION---or, a Modest Proposal for electoral reform

    ' HOW TO SAVE MODERN CIVILIZATION---or, a Modest Proposal for electoral reform I want to bulld up a social order which can moderate the coming world-wide social catastrophe, and, I hope, provide structures for a new order of society which can grow in the wreckage of what is to come. I...
  4. S

    Can the Fair tax ever be passed and enacted?

    Can the Fair tax ever be passed and enacted? I’m a proponent of the Fair tax but I do not believe it’s politically or economically practical to replace our entire taxes on net incomes with a sales tax. It would be financially imprudent and politically less feasible and may be impossible...
  5. myp

    Tom Coburn's ideas for healthcare reform

    The Congressman and former physician offers his views on how to improve the medicare system: When asked why he hasn't introduced it in a bill- because there isn't enough political...
  6. a777pilot

    Campaign Finance Reform

    My stance on political contributions is as follows: 1. Only American citizens eligible to vote ought be allowed to make political contributions. So that would eliminate, unions, corporations, foreign nationals, special interest groups* and dead people (that's for Cook county). 2. No limits. If...
  7. myp

    Intellectual property rights reform

    Google's purchase of Motorola Mobility in order to secure a large patent base for defensive litigation is just another in a string of events in the "intellectual property war" raging in the tech and other industries. What is happening is that some companies (in tech Apple has been a big one) are...
  8. myp

    Oil spill reform pending

    The House passed a oil spill reform bill that would increase regulations on big oil after the BP oil spill. Included in the bill is an end to the Federal moratorium on deep sea drilling for companies that meet new safety requirements. The Senate has a similar bill on the table, without the...
  9. deanhills

    Obama cancels trip to Indonesia to work on Health Care Reform Bill

    I wonder how many other activities have been cancelled by Obama so that he can work on the Healthcare Reform Bill. Surely there has to be a greater balance as this has to be getting to the point of negligence. The majority of the population have already let him know that the Reform Bill in its...
  10. myp

    Obama to seek money for school reform

    President Obama is expected to make an announcement tomorrow asking for $1.35 billion to put towards public-school reform. Among the changes that the administration is pushing are performance-linked salaries for teachers and an ease on charter school limits. Full story here...
  11. C

    Obama Healthcare

    What do you guys think of the Obama Healthcare plan? Do you think it would be good or bad for the economy? I think it is too much like socialism, as if we are drifting away from our good old capitalist ideals.
  12. B

    Americans Shut Up!

    Hello, This is the craziest thing ever. The AMERICAN HEALTH CARE DEBATE IS A CIRCUS.. Some americans call me a canadian, "socialism". But how do they come to that? BECAUSE I GET FREE HEALTH CARE...??? Wow... So because I get FREE care, and you pay $$$$.. I am the one with the...
  13. M

    Obama Makes the Case for Health Reform with MD's

    The dress code was unusual for the White House, but the message familiar. Today 150 doctors from all 50 states wore their starched white lab coats for a presidential photo opportunity in the Rose Garden. "You all look spiffy in your coats," Obama told them. The White House had invited...
  14. myp

    CBO says health reform bills are moving in the wrong way

    Congressional Budget Office Director Douglas Elmendorf testified today that the health reform bills currently being proposed in Washington are only going to increase Federal costs while not cutting healthcare costs by much. Really not surprising to me at all considering how absurd some aspects...