1. Protectionist

    So You Want To Talk RACE RELATIONS, huh ? OK.

    Yesterday on Meet the Press, a bunch of leaders of the Black community spoke out about race relations in America. It has become a topic of conversation after the Zimmerman trial, Obama's recent speech, and the Al Sharpton race hustle rallies (pretending to be civil rights protests). These...
  2. Calvin

    UK - USA Relations

    [FONT="Trebuchet MS"]So the newly minted British Prime Minister came to Washington and had a press conference with Obama. He came off better than I thought he would in my opinion, whereas Obama seemed to have nothing overly important to say. They wasted the sound bite by talking about the...
  3. myp

    US-Israel relations getting shakier after administration's comments

    Vice President Biden and Secretary of State Clinton were both part of some recent criticism against Israel, particularly dealing with an expansion of settlements. Pro-Israel groups are expectedly not happy with the criticism and are suggesting it could cause a right in the alliance, which could...