1. M

    Who's right, Democrats or Republicans?

    By Mike Zaman Who's right, Democrats or Republicans? Tell me your thoughts
  2. a777pilot

    Possible snag for Republicans'

    This is just too funny.
  3. Protectionist

    Republicans: I WARNED YOU.

    Over a year ago, I wrote a post telling Republicans that nobody is buying the trickle down economics BS anymore. If you push tax cuts for the rich, in November you'll be toast. Frankly, with the awful economics policies that you have, I'm surprised Romney won as many states as he did...
  4. myp

    Will insurance companies stop Republicans from undoing the mandate?

    While undoing the mandate might only take 50+ Senators due to the SCOTUS decision labeling it a tax, special interests could possibly stop it from happening. Namely, insurance companies which donate a lot to the GOP. Check out this post, some interesting and potentially unfortunate possibilities...
  5. V

    Who Benefits from Obamacare? Democrats, Republicans & the Corporations.

    Can't post links so you'll have to find the article at
  6. myp

    Republicans criticize President over leaks

    The leakage of classified information concerning Iran has prompted some Republicans to attack the President. Some are looking to the Justice department to investigate the matter. Thoughts?
  7. myp

    House Republicans ask for $260 billion in infrastructure spending

    House Republicans are looking to pass a infrastructure bill that will increase funds for infrastructure projects for the next 5 years in what is touted as pro-job (ironically) legislation.
  8. myp

    Republicans look to side-step Obama on Keystone XL

    Interesting development. Thoughts?
  9. C

    Republicans Expected to Win 2012 Elections

    Republicans Expected to Win 2012 Elections Source: Rest of story:
  10. C

    Why Republicans don?t want to raise taxes as part of ?deal? with Dems

    Why Republicans don?t want to raise taxes as part of ?deal? with Dems Published: 6:13 PM 11/23/2011 | Updated: 12:46 PM 11/25/2011 LINK: Rest of story...
  11. C

    Republicans to Buffett: Show Us Your Tax Returns

    Republicans to Buffett: Show Us Your Tax Returns Friday, 23 Sep 2011 11:50 AM By Dan Weil Some Republicans in Congress are frustrated with the insertion of legendary billionaire investor Warren Buffett into the debate about raising taxes on the wealthy. So they want him to release his own tax...
  12. myp

    Paul Ryan: Republicans not seeking government shutdown

    Paul Ryan has come out to say that Republicans are not trying to get a government shutdown amidst accusations by the left that the GOP is playing games with the budget to just that. Ryan stressed that they are willing to negotiate, but only if spending cuts are included. The debate comes after...
  13. myp

    Republicans propose a bill forcing the Fed to ditch the duel mandate

    Some Republicans have proposed a bill to get rid of the Fed's dual mandate of price stability and full employment and switching it with a sole focus on price stability. ...and this is why I would rather have the GOP in office- at least they...
  14. myp

    Obama criticizes Republicans for being the party of the rich

    Obama lashed out at Republicans over the weekend due to initiatives by some party members to stop the proposed extension of unemployment insurance. He called the GOP the party of the rich and saw the block as not caring for the poor. Republicans are citing the budget deficit and a culture of...
  15. myp

    Rasmussen: 53% trust Republicans on health care, 37% trust Democrats

    In a recent poll by Rasmussen, 53% of Americans polled say they trust Republicans more with health care than Democrats. The number falls about in line with their poll that shows 54% of Americans want the mandate bill repealed. With this poll, of the ten key issues that Rasmussen polls, the GOP...
  16. ArghMonkey

    Republicans, Religion and the Triumph of Unreason
  17. O

    Is Rush Limbaugh calling the shots for the Republicans?

    I've been looking at the news the past few weeks (well, actually since Obama was inaugurated) and noticed Limbaugh is getting an awful lot of attention. Maybe even more than Steele. Does anybody think that Limbaugh may have too much say for the party? Has he become the unofficial spokesman...
  18. R

    Republicans for Sale!

    Wow, just look at the GOP. Apparently they can be bought for $25,000. Republicans make me sick. Who would even pay for this. The Republicans have been destroyed in the past 2 elections and don't even have...