1. tecoyah

    No Return.

    It is now officially documented and verified that our planets climate regulation is about to dramatically effect life on Earth...
  2. chris7375

    Ron Paul says we past the point of no return on the Fiscal Cliff.

    This is one time I truly hope Ron Paul is wrong.
  3. obtuseobserver

    WSJ says WI 14 to return

    Check my blog for more
  4. I

    Moms Of Jailed American Hikers Return From Iran -- Without Their Kids

    Iran should release these individuals asap. They are already several months behind schedule - they should have already hiked in Afghanistan, the tribal regions of Pakistan, Gaza, the Favelas in Brazil and then final destination is the summit of Eyjafjallajokull...
  5. Agnapostate

    Manuel Zelaya's return stumps Honduran coup leaders

    Manuel Zelaya's return stumps Honduran coup leaders | World news | The Guardian The Post - Honduras police break up pro-Zelaya protest There's also this report of a protester killed by the army today. Considering the status of the present regime as an authoritarian military...
  6. Delta

    Return to Gold Standard?

    It appears Russia and China want to return to the the gold standard for a new world currency: I'll admit, I haven't much knowledge in the least about...