1. Ralph47

    Trump Approval Rising Among Brown Americans

    :cool:!!! President Trump is making life better for black Americans everywhere you look while his predecessor fumbled. But hey, say his critics, not everything is perfect yet, so don’t give in to his policies. It’s an unbudging, self-inflicted blindness that can hardly be called racism itself...
  2. Ralph47

    Stock Market Still Rising Post Trump Win II

    The Dow is up over 38% Since election of DJT. :cool: Anyone actually disappointed? :giggle:
  3. Ralph47

    Stock Market Still Rising Post Trump Win

    The Dow is now up 33.8% since election day 2016!!! :cool: Wow, my son's company's (Amazon) stock is up 55% this year!!! And he gets 1/2 his pay in company stock, so he's making a fortune! :D
  4. G

    The Radical Center: Third Party Rising?

    While we continue to be spoon-fed the same platitudes, buzzwords and premature polls every election cycle; why don?t we ever just work up the will and courage to force a third option seriously enough to reach for the change we really want? Whether you call for more conservatism or more...
  5. myp

    Countries react to rising food prices

    Food prices have been rising globally, prompting many nations to take action through monetary tightening and other measures. Some nations have already experienced violent riots, including Tunisia where the President was forced to flee the country. Meanwhile, the Fed insists nothing is wrong here...
  6. deanhills

    Rising interest rates of US Debt

    I found an interesting article on the ramifications for world growth as a result of the rising interest rates of US Debt. Do you think this is exaggerated, or is MYP's predictions regarding the negative effects of the 1.2-trillion bail-out package now coming true...