1. C

    UK Royal, USA Gov and Islam Freemasonry and Social-In-Justice Role on awarding Qatar

    The France and UK Freemason in Europe practice in Social terms has gone too much far bt serving their agents via Italian Freemasons and Gov and those Qatari and Islam Freemasons which meet in Milano and Sweden. In the old times the Islam was buying people and creating the salvary and this is...
  2. M

    Politics over Dead bodies: The Ambiguous Role of United Nations (U.N.)

    “Killing a person is the Killing of the whole humanity….’’ is the words of a great person. Today, we as human beings are differentiating between bloodshed. United Nations is the most respectable and most respectful association available to human being across the globe. The purpose of United...
  3. Comet

    Afghanistan: Leon Panetta signals end to US combat role

    This is great news. Sooner the better.
  4. C

    The Execution of bin Laden and the Role of the "Special Forces"

    [FONT=&quot] [SIZE=4]This mo [SIZE=4]rning I was watching CNN coverage of the execution slaying (as it would be described if it had been perpetrated by anyone other than triggermen of the U.S. government) of Osama bin Laden, and the reporter relating details of the ?op? veered into singing...
  5. ArghMonkey

    Americans? Role Seen in Uganda Anti-Gay Push
  6. myp

    Copenhagen: debate on what the role of rich nations should be

    I think we all saw this coming: Developing countries such as China, India, and Brazil are saying that they will not cut emissions and that the Western nations- namely the U.S. and Europe, should take the lead and...
  7. myp

    What should America's role in Afghanistan be?

    With the war in Afghanistan dragging on and the nation waiting for Washington to make a decision, the debate on the war is something that is starting to come up more again. What do you think our role in Afghanistan should be at this point? Do we commit more troops and how many? How long should...
  8. myp

    The role of the judicial branch

    One of the very big debates that has been escalating in America for quite a while now is that of the role of the judicial branch. Some people believe that judges should simply take the law as it is, while others feel that judicial activism is ok- in that judges can push certain issues one way or...