1. Fitz

    Trump aide Sam Clovis pulls out of consideration for job

    In the Washington Post.... ....then in a further article its states rather more depressingly that; Did the qualifications for being US president revolve exclusively around being a reality TV star...did Kushners all encompassing job solely require he know one end of a building from another...
  2. David

    Trump trys to look patriotic bun Uncle Sam won't have it.

    Watch Donald Trump Dodge a Bald Eagle :giggle:
  3. arcturus88

    fareed vs sam harris on islamist

    Great debate on Fareed this morning. Sam Harris, atheist gives a resounding knock out performance against Fareed regarding islamist extremists. I love how sam stays cool and collected while fareed gets all emotional and hyperbolic. Global Public Square - Blogs
  4. reedak

    In Sam We Trust

    One afternoon when Babe returned home from his secondary school, he was surprised to find many villagers, including his neighbours See and Wo, wailing and banging angrily at the door of his grandfather Sam's house. After asking some people in the crowd, he was delighted to learn that his...