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    Understanding Actual Money Laundry of Walid Ibn Talal – Saudi Arabia – Mousad Agents

    unfortunately all of us know that Jews and Jews lobby control the world and even European politics and political parties and they build and install via Mousad there agents to destroy the nations anywhere. This person which came from Saudi royal family called Walid Ibn Talal has an profile...
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    The Machiavellian Plot to Provoke Saudi Arabia and Qatar into a "Blood Border" War

    ' The Machiavellian Plot to Provoke Saudi Arabia and Qatar into a "Blood Border" War .
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    The status quo in Saudi Arabia

    A good read.
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    United States fighter jet sale to Saudi Arabia

    The US will be selling $29.4 billion of fighter jets to Saudi Arabia in a move that proponents suggest will help create domestic jobs and make the middle east more stable as worries about Iran continue to exist. The sale includes 84 new aircraft and upgrades to older jets...
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    Successor needed for Saudi Arabia Benjamin is available to lead all of Middle East .....
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    Saudi Arabia captures spy bird

    Saudi officials have "arrested" a vulture carrying a GPS transmitter that had a tag from Tel Aviv University in Israel. The bird is believed to be an Israeli spy sent by Mossad. No I am not making this up...
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    Saudi King urged the United States to attack Iran

    WikiLeaks does it again- Julian Assange is one brave man. According to their latest release, Saudi King Abdullah tried to get the US to attack Iran over their nuclear weapons program. That can't go over well in the Islamic nations. More here...