1. Polydectes

    Federal court makes call in same sex marriage

    And this is a big win. It was the 10th district court of appeals and they have basically stated that it is unconstitutional for a state to ban same sex marriage.Federal appeals court: States can't ban gay marriage |
  2. rice_farmer

    Same Sex couples adopting?!

    "The same report estimates more than 14,100 foster children were living with one or more gay or lesbian foster parent. Though denied the right to marry in every state except Massachusetts, more and more same-sex couples are turning to adoption and foster care to form families, according to child...
  3. S

    safe sex

    what are your views on government paying for controception ? i disagree with it
  4. B

    Is it OK to have sex with kids?

    And if not why not? Most people agree that actions which harm others are wrong, but many actions are illegal which do not harm anyone and are known as victimless crimes. How can society justify criminalizing having sex with kids if it doesn't hurt anyone? Many assume that a child will be...
  5. DodgeFB

    The 'sick' hunt for a Rick Perry sex scandal

    The 'sick' hunt for a Rick Perry sex scandal A critic of the Texas governor takes out an ad seeking strippers, "hotties," or gay men who've "had sex with Rick Perry." Will this fishing expedition pay off?
  6. myp

    Supreme court rejects sex discrimination class action suit vs. Walmart

    After an ongoing debate and trials, the Supreme Court threw out a class-discrimination suit against Walmart due to too many differences across stores and staffs in the case. I am sure that this decision was a huge relief for Walmart, which saw shares go up over 1 percent during the day...
  7. obtuseobserver

    MN Judge Dismisses Same Sex Marriage Law Suit

    A Hennepin County, MN judge, Mary Dufresne, dismissed a suit seeking to establish a right to same sex marriage in Minnesota. The problem for the plaintiffs is a 1971 Minnesota case that was eventually appealed to the Supeme Court. Baker v Nelson stands for the proposition that prohibitting...
  8. Calvin

    Sex Ed for 8 Year Olds?

    [FONT="Georgia"]Today's front page of the Toronto Sun takes direct aim at Premier McGuintry for his half baked idea about teaching 8 year olds things like sexual orientation. This government is so completely and utterly adrift, one can only wonder who is giving advice to the top brass these...
  9. C

    Same sex marriage - has the time come?

    I've read a few articles in news magazines lately pointing out how rapidly the attitude toward same-sex marriage has changed, and how little outcry there has been over recent laws and court rulings. (I say same-sex because, given the ending of Boston Legal, obviously homosexuality is not...