1. Ralph47

    Trump Tower Meeting Shows No "Collusion"

    Indeed, everything about the meeting demonstrates that, as of June 2016, the Trump campaign had no relationship with the Russian government. According to the Times report itself, a British entertainment publicity agent named Rob Goldstone, an acquaintance of Donald Trump Jr., sent him an email...
  2. Fitz

    U.S. coal exports soar, in boost to Trump energy agenda, data shows

    As the article states above the Europeans roundly condemned Trump of pulling out of the Paris Accord and on vaunting their green Good for US jobs!
  3. myp

    A CNN reporter clearly shows her bias during the April 15th Tea Party in Chicago

    I saw this video recently and I was amazed at how biased the reporter was. Really gets you to think about where certain reporters and news networks stand on certain issues: Dd2tg8gxCDU
  4. myp

    Goldman Sachs analysis shows 0% rate too high

    Well, this is just crazy: a recent Goldman Sachs analysis says that the current 0% interest rate is not sufficient and it must be reduced to -6% in order to supply what the report calls the "needed amount of monetary stimulus" This essentially means that the lender losses money on the...