1. Ralph47

    The So-Called "Burning Bush"

    Saw it was determined that the so-called "burning bush" story, was due to hot gases from a volcano, that gave the appearance of a bush burning. :cool: Science is awesome! :D
  2. Ralph47

    So-Called "3-D" Printing Of Guns

    For one thing, one cannot "print" a 3-D gun. It would be made of INK, and cannot possibly work. One could however, conceivably 3-D FABRICATE one. 3-D printing is a total misnomer. 3-D fabricating is the actual reality of what can & is done. :smug: As far a 3-D fabricated guns is...
  3. reedak

    Intelligent guess (or so-called prediction), anyone?

    1. Russia recently pulled off a shock victory over the so-called sole superpower and Western allies by its swift annexation of Crimea. As far back as Oct 7, 2011, in a political forum, I had "predicted" the comeback of Russia: "'The glory that was Greece and the grandeur that was Rome.' --...