1. C

    An Insight into Italian Syrian Gov Islam Freemason and Socialist practice in Europe

    The political combination between Italy and Syria is not new. All of us know that Libya an colonial for Italy was lead by Baath party of Libya, similar political trend was found also in Syria via Baath Party of Syria and Libya Baath party donations to Syria and Former Libya leader visit to...
  2. C

    Florida school shooter largely influenced by liberal and socialist beliefs

    HEADLINE: Florida school shooter largely influenced by liberal and socialist beliefs OVERVIEW: The school shooter who killed himself in front of the Florida school board and shot them up was influenced by many liberal and socialist beliefs. LINK...
  3. David

    CNN asks socialists, is Obama a socialist?

    Obviously everyone said hell no. :p I like the last part by the head of the DSA: I can't even count how many times I've made the same point.
  4. David

    Greece to become socialist?

    Voters head to the polls today with the Panhellenic Socialist Movement leading in public opinion polls. Should be interesting.
  5. Dirk

    Socialist Debates More Active

    Have you ever sat in front of your TV, watching the Presidential Dabates going "well, this is s***". Yes? Well, here's why: The Republican and Democratic parties teamed up (two sides of the same coin, as ever) and constructed the Commission of Presidential Debates. This commission's job is...
  6. McSwift

    DOW at 6 year low- how low will it go?

    Notice that with Obama's socialist talk and the horrible stimulus plan, the DOW has hit a new 6-year low. How low do you think it will go before it bounces back? Personally, I am not very optimistic on the outlook of the markets as Obama will probably just continue his socialist pandering, which...
  7. myp

    Obama wants to cut the budget in half by 2013

    President Obama has announced that he wants to cut the budget in half by 2013. The announcement comes in the light of people getting even more worried about the budget after the recent stimulus was passed. Personally, I think it would be great if he did it, but I really don't see it. The...