1. N

    The Insanity of Those Who Imagine No Govt. Regulation in a Technological Society

    ' The decisions behind Monsanto's weed-killer crisis A tongue-tip taste of what happens when regulatory regimes are weakened in a complex technological society. Of course, people who adhere to the anti-regulation suicide cult will be unaffected by any views which are sane. .
  2. Road Warrior

    Primitive human society 'not driven by war'

    I've long had a deep interest in both human behavior and history. This story hits on both topics. Primitive human society 'not driven by war'
  3. myp

    How much is anti-intellectualism holding us back?

    The public is even today often misinformed on the facts that it has a say in and votes based on. It is an issue of imperfect information, but it is a fairly fixable one if people are willing to think and look at the facts. Underlying some of that misinformation though, is a much worse beast-...
  4. C

    The Myth that We've Outgrown Racism as a Society

    Nowadays people who don’t identify as or with the victims of inequality, discrimination, classism, and racism frequently seem to buy into the na?ve-making myths that there’s no such thing as “class” in our splendid society, that serious and systemic racial discrimination is a thing of the past...
  5. obtuseobserver

    An Armed Society

    [FONT=Segoe UI] Just some brief comments about the benefit of armed and law abiding citizens. [FONT=Segoe UI] Given a rational robber/thief/burglar: the law breaker is more likely to prefer easy targets to difficult targets. If a potential target announces their enhanced difficulty...