1. Ralph47

    Father And Son Struck By Lightning

    :o LAKE WORTH, Fla. — Palm Beach County Fire Rescue has identified the two men struck by lightning on Tuesday. Antonio Miranda, 39, and his father, Enrique, 71, were cutting branches with a machete when three consecutive lightning bolts struck a tall Australian pine tree. The men, who...
  2. Ralph47

    LOL! Kook Bernie Sanders Not Endorsing His Son

    For political office run, that is. :D Bernie Sanders won't endorse own son's US House candidacy | Fox News
  3. Ralph47

    Student w/Gun At HS My Son Used To Live At

    He lived in a modular home on campus with his wife & kids. Still owns it. PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. — A Port St. Lucie High School student is in custody after they were found to have a gun and ammunition at school. The student was taken into custody...
  4. myp

    Kim Jong-Il dies, son to succeed

    The dictator passed away yesterday and the region is in a state of uncertainty as his son is expected to take over.