1. Ralph47

    Iguana Epidemic In South FL!

    Perched in trees and scampering down sidewalks, green iguanas have become so common across South Florida that many see them not as exotic invaders, but as reptilian squirrels. Native to Central and South America, green iguanas that escaped or were dumped as pets have been breeding in the...
  2. arcturus88

    the north and south kissed and made up

    you see a lot of manufactured rage by millennial fools who want their civil rights moment. The problem is that already passed. institutional racism is gone and dead. So they tear down statues and protest racism that doesn't exist. Many probably have very little idea of the historic context of...
  3. K

    Marching Against the Genocide of Whites in South Africa

    Welcome to the "Demand For Free Independent Afrikaner(Boer) State(s)" !!! Washington Marching Against the Genocide of Whites(Boers and white Afrikaners) in South Africa where over 90.000 of them were already massacred (not just killed, but often times cooked/burned alive.... talking about...
  4. K

    Kazakhstan and South Korea - New Relationship?

    There has recently been news about the visit of Kazakhstan's Prime Minister to South Korea to discuss venues of cooperation. Will we see a stronger relationship between these countries in the future? What shape can this relationship take? Please also find a reference to the statement from...
  5. P

    Newt wins south carolina

    ......according to CBS News, it wasn't even close. Further, south carolina voters rank him as most electable of the candidates. Now do some of you folks feel stupid? You certainly LOOK stupid. :p Hint from Uncle Patrick: Don't swallow the lib media line hook, line, and sinker. :rolleyes:
  6. Comet

    Who Will Win the South Carolina GOP Primary?

    Simple question. Who will win the South Carolina GOP presidential primary? A little fact about the South Carolina Republican presidential primary---every winner since its inception back in 1980 has gone on to win the party nomination. :nerd: This is going to come down to Romney and Gingrich...
  7. myp

    North Korea and South Korea exchange artillery fire

    The two neighbor nations exchanged fire over a disputed water boundary between the two nations. The source of the conflict has been disputed by both nations for decades and occasionally erupted into attacks...
  8. D

    Greetings from South Central Pennsylvania

    Hi, my user name is Didymus. I am thinking about running for President. So, where do I put my platform for you all to disect? If you want to know something about me, just ask. :cool:
  9. C

    South Carolina Governor Stanford

    How utterly stupid can a man be? Really. This man left the country for days and didn't let anyone know where he was. Then he was caught coming back into the country and admitted to an affair. Then he gave an odd press conference where his staff stood in the background and seemed to be...