1. Polydectes

    Spiritual philosophy discussion.

    When I read the following message I was intrigued. Is a theist I often find it hard to empathize with atheists. There was once a time when I believed they were just angry with God. Or that they just didn't want to have any authority over them. However speaking to them honestly and openly I...
  2. kowalskil

    Our two worlds, spiritual and material

    OUR TWO WORLDS, SPIRITUAL AND MATERIAL Sections 2 and 3 have been added to "Futile Confrontations" at: atheist Comments will be appreciated, Thank you in advance, Ludwik .
  3. C

    What the World Needs is a Spiritual Left

    Today, sadly, it’s the religious right, the fascist fundamentalists who are out there politically “witnessing” to their faith and boldly getting in the face of society on a variety of issues. It hasn’t always been this way, no, religion isn’t always a reactionary force for bigotry and the status...
  4. prasanth5

    Should a spiritual teacher live in solitude?

    This is a question that has no direct answer. Why should a spiritual leader live in solitude. What happens if he lives amongst us? Should we go to him in the deep woods for initiation? What are your opinions?