1. Ralph47

    Stock Market Still Rising Post Trump Win II

    The Dow is up over 38% Since election of DJT. :cool: Anyone actually disappointed? :giggle:
  2. N

    Why did the US stock market crash on Monday?

    ' Why did the US stock market crash on Monday? .
  3. Ralph47

    Wow! Stock Market (Dow) Up 23.8% In One Year!
  4. Ralph47

    Stock Market Still Rising Post Trump Win

    The Dow is now up 33.8% since election day 2016!!! :cool: Wow, my son's company's (Amazon) stock is up 55% this year!!! And he gets 1/2 his pay in company stock, so he's making a fortune! :D
  5. arcturus88

    investing in the stock market

    Anyone here buy and sell stocks? How did you get started? I am recently interested in it but I am also fairly ignorant of it all. I've bought some mutual funds in the past and did ok and but I'm interested in buying and selling realtime. I've been looking at Etrade as a vehicle to invest...
  6. chris7375

    New York Stock Exchange Sold for 8.2 billion. Wow what an interesting turn of events for the NYSE. I wonder if the regulators will find anything wrong with I doubt it though.
  7. myp

    Treasury sells $4.5 billion in AIG stock

    The sale will bring the government's stake down to 55%. AIG is buying $3 billion of the 4.5. The government made a profit on the stock sold.
  8. C

    Microsoft (MSFT)

    What do you guys think of Microsoft (MSFT)? Right now I am trying their beta version of Office 2010. It is amazing - I will definitely buy one. I love Windows 7 also. But, do you think their stock will go up in value?
  9. C


    What do you guys think of Intel (INTC)? Do you think it will keep going up? Personally, as a computer user I like Intel over AMD and I feel that Intel will remain dominant in that CPU marketshare. What do you guys think?
  10. A

    The right time to invest in stock?

    After economic downturn at the end of the year, now we starting to see a light to world economic. And now, since the stock price is at the lowest price, do you think it's the best time to start investing again on stocks? Many broker ask me to join them and buy stock now as they predict the stock...