1. El VetoVoter

    Howdy Folks, I'm from the southwest (American territory, stolen from native tribes)

    I have lived an interesting life, discussed philosophy and politics with thousands of people, studied history and political science, kayaked wild rivers, climbed steep cliffs, wrecked cars, and fought my share of fights. I have observed sunsets and meteor showers and the birth of kittens, and...
  2. myp

    Is the Stolen Valor Act Constitutional?

    The Stolen Valor Act, passed three years ago, makes lying about receiving war medals punishable by law regardless of whether or not a person profited from saying so. Currently, there are a couple of cases in which lawyers are seeking to prove that the law does not adhere to the first amendment...
  3. C

    Haitian Children Stolen - Yankee Go Home

    Haiti Detains Americans Taking Kids Across Border 31 January 2010 Full story: By FRANK BAJAK, Associated Press Writer Frank Bajak, Associated Press Writer – 51 mins ago...