1. arcturus88

    Why you can’t trust Wall Street analysts

    Good article. I've long since noticed that the stocks I buy tend to have a rating of "buy" from these analysts. I didn't know that they all have that rating! :mad: Why you can’t trust Wall Street analysts
  2. reedak

    Japanese street artist takes a dig at Trump with graffiti sticker

    The following is full text of Nandini Krishnamoorthy's January 28, 2017 article headlined "Japanese street artist takes aim at 'horrifying leader' Trump with latest graffiti sticker". (Begin text) A graffiti artist in Japan has taken a dig at US President Donald Trump through his latest works...
  3. Protectionist

    Boston Bombings Confirms Need for Street Cameras

    Two years ago, I wrote this OP ( ACLU Questions Chicago's Security Camera Network - I Don't.) criticizing the ACLU's idiotic opposition to security cameras on public streets. The recent bombing in Boston shows, once again, the NEED for these cameras which (monitored by security personnel)...
  4. kowalskil

    Occupy Wall Street?

    Occupy Wall Street? The last issue of Montclarion, a student newspaper at Montclair State University,*published an article of Grover Furr, about the Occupy Wall Street movement: Yes, rich people always want to be richer and richer. This is...
  5. P

    Occupy wall street garbage to be evicted so that the vile conditions can be cleaned In many ways, these people are offensive. They take dumps in the park on the ground. They want free everything. They're making all of lower Manhattan stink.
  6. C

    Occupy Wall Street, Capitalism's Death Rattle?

    Revolutionary history in the making? It just perhaps might be that what we’re witnessing in the mass social phenomenon being called “Occupy Wall Street” are the early signs and portents of the meltdown of the moonshiny mythology of capitalism – the moonshiny mythology that capitalism is a system...
  7. P

    Observations on the wall street "occupiers"

    The complete meaninglessness of these folks is even illustrated by their name - they "occupy" a place - that's it. They think that for no better reason than that they exist, someone owes them a living. Has anyone asked them which president did the most bailouts? They say they don't have a...
  8. N

    Wall Street protests - not on any news channel - This is democracy

    US news channels are keeping quiet about ongoing Wall Street protests. UN resolution against Syria was double vetoed by Russia/China which also did not make it to US news channel. You can see that on BBC. South Carolina (a repug state) requires drivers to buy liability insurance or pay...