1. Ralph47

    How Stupid Do Criminals Think The Cops Are?

    :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: A Florida woman arrested on suspicion of drug possession said the cocaine must have been blown into her handbag by the wind, police say. Florida woman tells police wind blew cocaine into her handbag - BBC News
  2. C

    It’s The Corruption, Stupid

    The cover of New York Magazine’s April 2–15, 2018, issue is a collection of stories that look at why, with the midterm races picking up in earnest, corruption is Trump’s greatest political liability, and why it should be the narrative focus of the Democrats’ campaign against him. Jonathan Chait...
  3. F

    War in Europe :1939-1945! the stupidest generation.

    Did the usa do enough to avoid getting entangled in another european conflict ,or did we seek out another opportunity to engage in another war for political and economic reasons? remember FDR.s promise to the american people! Here are some of Mr. Roosvelt's own words: Mr. Roosevelt said at...
  4. C

    Step Aside Perry, Obama Gets Stupid Again

  5. David

    Ether the Iranians are getting ballsy or just stupid.

    I'm thinking the latter myself.