1. Ralph47

    With The Great Success Of The Trump Presidency:

    Hopefully the future will hold far fewer "career politicians", and far more business type candidates & other political novices. :cool:
  2. myp

    Indian state's success with iris-scanning id to prevent fraud

    India is finding success by using iris-scanners to stop fraud in its (very corrupted) distribution of limited supplies to the poorest of the country. For anyone who is not familiar with India's situation, the country has a terrible poverty program and a terrible corruption problem which often...
  3. myp

    Middle East tensions continue to rise after Egypt's success

    After the [thus far] successful protests in Egypt, tensions have risen in other Middle Eastern nations as citizens seek similar changes in what is being termed the Facebook revolution. Libya grew particularly violent earlier today as the government vowed to crackdown on protests. As a result...