1. N

    ow Will Capitalism End? Essays on a Failing System

    ' How Will Capitalism End? Essays on a Failing System Wolfgang Streeck is the Director of the Max Planck Institute for Social Research in Cologne and Professor of Sociology at the University of Cologne. He is an Honorary Fellow of the Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics and a...
  2. kowalskil

    US electoral system explained

    The ongoing debates (August 2015) among potential Republican presidential candidates reminded me of a note I posted several years ago. Below is a link to an updated (and hopefully better) version of this note: How can a retired...
  3. tecoyah

    Life in our solar system?

    There are interesting possibilities, and intriguing theories. Post your understanding and questions here. iDgShh-cxFI&feature=g-vrec
  4. kowalskil

    Our election system: fair or not

    Electing the US president; how to To simplify the matter, assume there are only 7 states State A counts as 5 votes (based on population of that state) Majority voted for X State B counts as 4 votes ( based on ...). Majority in that state voted for Y State C counts as 9 votes...
  5. AConcernedCitizen

    Is a two party system really the best ides?

    We are one of the last first world countries to still support a two party system. In George Washington's farewell speech he warned against two things; forming permanent alliances, and having only a two party system. He said it would lead to our downfall, and if we look at history, it almost did...
  6. C

    How Corrupt Our Judicial System

    I am shocked to learn how evil and corrupt our judicial system from top to bottom has become by reading an article entitled, "JUSTICE SOTOMAYOR: TAX EVASION, PERJURY - WHAT DID OBAMA KNOW & WHEN?" written by Devvy Kidd a contributor to Just go to that website and click on...
  7. M

    Post: #1 Thanks to US Tax System! Obama pays 20% but you and I pay 30%Do you really k

    Do you really know what is wrong with this country? Wealthy are becoming richer and richer and the rest are filling the belly of the corporate best with their sweat and blood. Read full Article: Thanks to US Tax System! Obama pays 20%, Romney Pays 15% but you and I pay 30%
  8. myp

    Startup looks to bypass immigration system for ambitious workers and startups

    A new company called Blueseed is looking to have an offshore ship with offices, apartment-like rooms, etc. for talented workers from abroad to work for American corporations which have at times found it difficult to bring in new workers due to immigration law. It is certainly an interesting...
  9. N

    US healthcare system is unsustainable The cost of healthcare in the United States is 62 percent higher than that in Switzerland. Americans pay more than $7,900 per person for healthcare each year -- far more than any other OECD country -- but...
  10. C

    Are Prosecutors Really the "Good Guys" in the Criminal Justice System?

    Defense attorneys who are willing to be mouthpieces for pay for any dastardly defendant and egregious "evildoer" are often maligned as "whores". There's a popular perception of lawyers who take on the role of being the courtroom champions of crooks and creeps as scumbag sellouts. But are...
  11. myp

    Should the United States pursue an SDI missile defense system?

    One of the primary concerns of many Western governments in recent years has of course been the use of nuclear or other missiles on everyone's respective nations. The strategy against potential attack has of course been on the offensive with the war in Iraq, the expanding war on terror, etc...
  12. myp

    What tax system do you prefer?

    If you were to somehow be able to change the tax system of a country on your own, what system would you want and why? I recently saw this question posed on Reddit (a social bookmarking site for those not familiar with it) and was wondering how everyone here would respond.
  13. deanhills

    US Missile Defense System in Gulf - war brewing with Iran?

    Iran responded today to the US build up of missile systems in the Persian Gulf. The US has been speeding up its efforts over the last month by managing to get the cooperation of Bahrain, UAE, Kuwait and Qatar for basing the US Patriot defense missiles in the Gulf. Most of the countries in the...
  14. Rick

    USA Medical System

    I hope this is something Obama sorts. I live in the UK and have ALWAYS wanted to move to the US when I was older to live there however after watching the movie "SICKO" I was put right off. I am so shocked that the USA has such a lack of respect for human life here in the UK we get FREE medical...