1. N

    Sensible Talk about Gerrymandering

    ' The subject is gerrymandering, the host is Der Governator. I never thought I would cheer a REPUBLICAN in 2017, but CONAN THE REPUBLICAN has matured into a VERY SMART GUY. Thank you, Arnold Schwarzenegger. .
  2. F

    El Rushbo and TALK RADIO!

    The situation with El Rushbo is fluid and he's being seen more and more as a political bungler;of little use to the Republicans. He may still stay on the air but because many are now getting tired of his 3hr. circus act ,his zionist media handlers are trying to pay him a lot less than he has...
  3. Protectionist

    So You Want To Talk RACE RELATIONS, huh ? OK.

    Yesterday on Meet the Press, a bunch of leaders of the Black community spoke out about race relations in America. It has become a topic of conversation after the Zimmerman trial, Obama's recent speech, and the Al Sharpton race hustle rallies (pretending to be civil rights protests). These...
  4. Protectionist

    The Coverup Expands: Sunday Morning Talk Show Nausea

    Let's start with David Brooks on Meet the Press. Could somebody please tell me how this dude ever got this job ? This guy's number one talent in life is avoiding saying anything I can possibly agree with. Today, he's blaming the CIA for exagerrating the talking points of the communication...
  5. DodgeFB

    Kipping Violent Talk on the Left

    Kipping Violent Talk on the Left On Labor Day, Teamsters President James Hoffa Jr. was in Detroit addressing a rally starring the president. Hoffa told Obama there was a "war on workers," and the unions were Obama's "army." He said: "We are ready to march. Let's take these sons of bitches...
  6. myp

    TED talk: Dan Ariely on irrational cognitive decisions

    Extremely interesting and fun talk by Behavioral economist Dan Ariely:
  7. myp

    President Obama pledges energy bill push amidst BP spill talk

    As BP continues to deal with the oil spill in the gulf, pressure has increased for both the company as well as the White House. Today, President Obama pledged to push an energy bill that would reduce tax breaks for oil companies among other things. He also stressed clean energy alternatives as...