1. C

    Trump’s Laughable Plan to Cut His Own Taxes

    As a rule, Republican presidents like offering tax cuts, and President Trump is no different. But the skimpy one-page tax proposal his administration released on Wednesday is, by any historical standard, a laughable stunt by a gang of plutocrats looking to enrich themselves at the expense of the...
  2. S

    Sales taxes are less regressive than flat rated income taxes.

    Sales taxes are less regressive than flat rated income taxes. Due to political and accounting difficulties, methods of calculating net incomes that has or may likely to be enacted into federal tax regulations significantly greater understate taxable incomes of wealthier taxpayers. This remains...
  3. a777pilot


    Taxes. Now there is an interesting topic. We seem to be stuck on debating the rate at which we are taxed. I believe that is a secondary issue. The primary issue ought be WHAT is taxed. Here is a current article to help this debate get started...
  4. chris7375

    77% of Households getting taxes increased.

    According to Bloomberg the people making 250 thousand dollars are not the only ones getting a tax increase.
  5. myp

    Amazon's Luxembourg unit saves it billions in corporate taxes

    The IRS is asking for $1.5 billion in back taxes which Amazon will contest...
  6. myp

    Let's swap taxes, BC style

    British Columbia recently went through a scheduled tax-hike on carbon emissions raising the tax from $25 to $30 per metric ton. As part of the policy change, other taxes were reduced to even out the different. Basically they are moving from taxing good things to taxing bad things, in Pigouvian...
  7. T

    Would cutting taxes and regulation create jobs?

    Do you believe in that removing regulations and cutting taxes for the "creators of jobs" and businesses help in acheiving job growth? There is a lot of discussion floating around that doing so would equal more jobs but to see a example of it is lacking in those discussions.
  8. myp

    Pigovian taxes

    What are everyone's opinions on Pigovian taxes, taxes that are placed on activities with negative externalities? Things like alcohol taxes, pollution, etc.
  9. C

    Why Republicans don?t want to raise taxes as part of ?deal? with Dems

    Why Republicans don?t want to raise taxes as part of ?deal? with Dems Published: 6:13 PM 11/23/2011 | Updated: 12:46 PM 11/25/2011 LINK: Rest of story...
  10. myp

    Black market cigarette market grows in NY after further increase in taxes

    Amidst cigarette prices increasing to upwards of $12, the black market for cigarettes- loose and by pack has grown in NY state. Smugglers buy cartons from out of state and import them to sell- and they are selling a lot. This of course leaves NY state without revenue and makes their efforts to...
  11. myp

    NYT: G.E.?s Strategies Let It Avoid Taxes Altogether

    This is a very interesting piece from the NYT about how GE uses tax loopholes to evade paying American taxes by keeping money abroad, etc. There are many companies who use similar strategies and it clearly shows the weaknesses in our tax system, but unfortunately lobbying from those very...
  12. Phil

    Philadelphia has launched a Tax Amnesty program

    Hello, The City of Philadelphia has launched a Tax Amnesty program for individuals and businesses. All penalties will be waived and 50% of the interest will be forgiven. The program is for a limited time, until June 25th (only 10 days remaining). If you miss this amnesty, the taxes you owe now...
  13. myp

    Corporate taxes, regulations, and outsourcing

    The debate on taxing multinational corporations is once more surfacing in the United States. As such, I thought I would create this thread, which focuses on corporate taxes/regulation and outsourcing. I am especially interested in hearing the opinions of those who do support such...
  14. C

    Republican Party and Low Taxes

    Do you guys love or hate the Republican Party and Low Taxes? Personally, I support low taxes because it makes people more motivated. Smart people will benefit from low taxes. We don't need the govt serving as Robin Hood. Don't you agree?
  15. C

    US taxes - would you pay more to get more?

    For me, a major and time-consuming event this week was doing my income tax return and filing it. Mine are fairly simple, and I use tax software, so it isn't too onerous. But it started me thinking about our tax structure. The US has an extremely low personal income tax rate. Much as we...