1. arcturus88

    How would David and tecoyah like their crow?

    We serve it boiled , battered or grilled. I recommend battered , it has a crispy exterior and flavor that is really splendid. https://legalinsurrection.com/2018/02/rosenstein-on-russian-indictment-no-american-was-knowing-participant-no-allegation-altered-the-outcome-of-the-2016-election/
  2. arcturus88

    When did tecoyah leave the republican party?

    This has become a bit of a mystery here at PF. This morning, tecoyah posted this: While this may seem striking and may appear as quite the breaking news, in reality it is merely the latest iteration of why he is leaving (left) the republican party.
  3. reedak

    Star War stories by Aufgeblassen & tecoyah

    I am so impressed by the exciting Star War stories submitted to my thread by my two buddies, Aufgeblassen and tecoyah, that I decide to create a new thread for all readers to share my enjoyment of their stories; otherwise all of you will surely blame me for being so selfish as to keep the...
  4. arcturus88

    Fireside Chat with tecoyah

    Note: this thread is all about tecoyah. everyone may ask him questions. of course he may refuse any of them. tecoyah. I noticed in some thread that you made a mud/straw hut. What got you into that? how many have you made?
  5. tecoyah


    almost forgot....Hi