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    More food for thought: Reflections

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    Theology and science

    Those interested in serious debates about God are invited to read my set of 16 essays, entitled: "Reflections on Theology and Science." The set exists in three forms: 1) A webpage:< > 2) A free pdf file, downloadable from: <...
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    Science and Theology

    Some of you might be interested in extracts from a theological presentation--of a Russian Orthodox priest--that I just posted at: Comments will be appreciated, Ludwik
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    Science and theology

    Those who were interested in my earlier post about NOMA are invited to read the modified version of atheist The last sentence of this short essay is: “Unresolved conflicts in debates about God usually result from absence of agreements on what the word God stands for." Ludwik
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    Two kinds of morality

    TWO KINDS OF MORALITIES, MARXIST VERSUS THEOLOGICAL I am reading interesting comments about communist morality, in a book devoted to Judaism, published in 1975. The authors are two rabbis, D. Prager and J. Telushkin. A Christian theologian would probably make similar observations. Marxists...
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    My article in American Atheist Magazine

    My article about futile confrontations between theists and atheists*appeared in the April 2012 Issue of*American Atheist Magazine. The link is: Please share this link with other potential readers. Thank you in advance, Ludwik...