1. N

    Seven Things You Can't Say About the United States

    ' SEVEN THINGS YOU CAN'T SAY ABOUT THE UNITED STATES 1. The USA is dominated by lunatic, uneducated, hysterical dorks That is obviously untrue. · · · :unsure: 2. The so-called "American Revolution" was a murderous, Terrorist Uprising led and financed by a gang of well-heeled thugs...
  2. I

    Three things I would do

    This is what I would do if I were President. 1. Even though people are not anonymous online, they have IP Addresses.. I would make it much simpler to track criminals, child abusers, abusive people and Pirates online, by replacing private E mail addresses, with a Computer Number, linked directly...
  3. arcturus88

    All things Bond thread

    Just heard there is a new bond movie on the way called spectre. So in honor of that I'm dedicating this thread to all things related to bond., Bond, Bond girl , car , etc. Well please share..
  4. Polydectes

    the things people will raise a drink about.

    Back in March honey made released an ad campaign called "this is wholesome" in a television advertisement they showed several families, one interracial couple, a single father, two gay fathers, and a family that seemed to have a stay at home dad. And people rose a stink about it, saying they are...
  5. F

    Detroit City : A harbinger of things to come.

    Detroit's population fell by 25 percent in the last decade. And of those that stuck around, nearly half of them are functionally illiterate, a new report finds. According to estimates by The National Institute for Literacy, roughly 47 percent of adults in Detroit, Michigan -- 200,000 total --...
  6. clax

    why a ban on assault weapons doesn't make things safer

    First what is an assault weapon? A fire arm that has the following features A folding or telescoping stock A pistol grip A bayonet mount A flash suppressor, or threads to attach one A grenade launcher. Aside from the grenade launcher this is a...
  7. tecoyah

    Can the new congress change things?

    There are new faces, new positions, and certainly new attitudes on both sides. I see hope coming, perhaps even a measure of what was once there, the tea party is fading, democrats have a few to make them rethink, and the GOP has many. Coudl we be watching a reset?
  8. G

    Some things about Religion i have observed

    Without adhering to any specific Religious system, i am saying this as something that seems compatible with many Religions, because it is such a simple idea, like the 'golden rule' (Confucianism and Christianity) that it is like the things many Religions say, so that it could help anyone without...
  9. myp

    Lehman comes out of bankruptcy as things continue to wind down

    The ex-giant is going to start repaying creditors outside of bankruptcy as it continues to fade away.
  10. C

    Great misquotations: The famous things they never actually said

    >>>> Great misquotations: The famous things they never actually said Neat stuff. I especially like this one: [COLOR=Blue]Sarah Palin [COLOR=Blue]The misquote: "I can...
  11. Delta

    Why do you believe the things you do?

    I'm just wondering why you believe the things you do? Where do the beliefs that you choose to hold come from? How do you choose what to believe? Do you simply accept what you hear from authority figures, or is there just part of you that believes? What happens when there are conflicting...
  12. O

    Is it better to learn from history or are some things best forgotten?

    In your opinion, are things best forgotten in history or should they be taught to people remember? If you think about it, nearly all of our conflicts today are based on past crimes. For example, think about all the ethnic conflicts in the world. Centuries old conflicts in which somebody...