1. Ralph47

    Random Philosophy Thought Thread

    Kindly post random cliche' philosophies you find to be basic truisms. :D I'll go with:
  2. arcturus88

    thought police.

    this columnist hit the nail on the head in highlighting the underlying evil of political correctness. Texting cop a victim of thought police? -
  3. kowalskil

    More food for thought: Reflections

  4. arcturus88

    Random thought thread

    Theres 42 lurkers out there watching but not posting. That's amazing. :o
  5. C

    Have you ever thought of running for public office?

    I've never wanted to have anything to do with politics, but I find it fascinating. This last presidential campaign was absolutely fascinating. I tend to say what I think, bluntly, and that isn't a good thing for a politician. I'm also slow to take a hint. I'm not stupid, but I haven't got a...