1. Ralph47

    Category For Religions (Ancient & Newer) Thoughts

    Ever watch Josh Gates' shows Expedition Unknown and Destination Truth? If not, I'll get you up to speed. In addition to searching for mythical lost treasures and civilizations, his team searches for mythical monsters, beasts, creatures, and things that go bump in the night in localized, often...
  2. arcturus88

    artificial intelligence thoughts

    good story on concerns about AI... do you have concerns? what are your thoughts?
  3. David

    Cryptocurrency, what are your thoughts?

    For those not in the know, cryptocurrency uses cryptology to generate and transfer encrypted files to be used as money. The most common method is to generate 'coins' based on transfer rates up to a set cap. This allows for natural inflation as the currency gains wider circulation (otherwise...
  4. Squishy Skeever

    Your thoughts on the Crusades?

    Hello everyone! Sir. Charles Wellington III here with an amazing thread again. Either way, what is your opinion on the Holy Crusades? I have studied the Crusades quite extensively, and know quite a bit about them, the events, and the people involved, but how do you feel about them? Were...
  5. P

    Stray thoughts on 9-11

    - It's a damn shame that osama got popped by what seems like a trigger-happy black ops guy. The exact details of what happened probably won't be released for decades, but it would have been great if that slimebag could have been brought back to be hung on a gallows at the world trade center...
  6. myp

    Thoughts about Bitcoin?

    Bitcoin is a relatively new online currency that has some very attractive and in some ways revolutionary features. Unlike other forms of online (or offline currency), it is completely decentralized- think of it somewhat like bittorrent- in that it is just a network among users. The currency...
  7. prasanth5

    How to cut thoughts?

    Thoughts that occur in the mind are difficult to cut. Great seers of the past have recommended the instant cut of the thoughts as when they occur. This they call a type of meditation!