1. arcturus88

    why are there more suicides today?

    Matt Walsh offers a thought...
  2. David

    Today's Primary

    No numbers for Dems yet but it's looking like Cruz might be sweeping it on the Repub side. Thoughts?
  3. Protectionist

    Did You Hear What Al Sharpton Said Today ? Pheeeeeeeww!!

    HA HA. Oh, Al Sharpton has been known for saying some real doosies, but this one may be his best yet. Today, on his MSNBC show PoliticsNation, not-so-sharp Sharpton said this >> "We've got to make sure that ALL PEOPLE can go to the polls with no impediment." Hear that folks ? There you...
  4. M

    my political film on Fascism today

    Hello everyone , my name is Diego Menendez musician and filmmaker(on the web with s) and i am coming from city of center of Europe called Ljubljana.I will off course join you also in others debates, ', but now I wanna show you a trailer for a film I made. I made this film about the ideas of...
  5. chris7375

    Democrats revealing the Assault Weapons Ban today.

    It would seem that the Dems are on their merry way to having an Assault weapons proposal today for all of us to see. It looks like they are going to try and garner support for the bill and try and get it passed in the House. Though Reid is skeptical it will pass...
  6. chris7375

    Israel Elections today.....

    It would seem Israel is in a tough spot recently with many Muslim country's calling for their elimination. It would seem that today is an important election for Israel. The Knesset is to be voted on for the next four years. It seem the worry is that the Likud party may not win. It should...
  7. myp

    Is conservatism today rejecting empiricism?

    I am seeing a lot of it today, unfortunately. I know there has always been a sect and certain groups that identified themselves as conservatives who have felt this way, but it seems to be becoming more mainstream- a tragedy, if you ask me. Sorry, but empiricism and science matter whether or not...
  8. N

    Steve jobs died today Oct 5,2011

    His biological parents were Syrian Muslim man and American woman. This information is conveniently left out by news channels and only talk of his adopting parents. Most US news channels want to distance themselves from Muslims to link with anything that is good.
  9. kowalskil

    Russia today: two puzzles

    How to explain this? The 70th anniversary of the German attack on the Soviet Union was on June 21. On that occasion I visited many Russian websites. What a surprise to find that both communists and anticommunists glorify Stalin in today's Russia. Communists remember him as a great...
  10. David

    Today marks the end of the Iraq War!

    7 years of hard, bloody fighting. 7 years of a quick advance, followed by a total rout of our forces and ending with a massive American human wave attack that left entire cities in ruins. After 7 years and in seeming victory for UN forces, The Iraq War is... Over. Only time will tell if we...