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    Balances of trade understate their effects upon their nation's domestic production.

    Balances of trade understate their effects upon their nation's domestic production. Nation's balances of international trade are determined by the total net prices of their globally traded goods and service products which contribute to trade surplus nations' and reduce trade deficit nations'...
  2. reedak

    Chinese tourists can help country win trade war

    1. Dan Kopf is a reporter for Quartz based in San Francisco. He covers economics and markets. Dan has a Masters in Economics from the London School of Economics. The following are excerpts from Dan Kopf's April 12, 2018 article headlined "If the US wants to reduce its trade deficit, it...
  3. reedak

    Trump's simplistic view on trade wars

    1. Donald Trump tweeted his simplistic view on trade wars on 2 March 2018. "When a country (USA) is losing many billions of dollars on trade with virtually every country it does business with, trade wars are good, and easy to win. Example, when we are down $100 billion with a certain country...
  4. reedak

    Trump’s trade war hurting US economy

    1. The adverse impact of Trump's tariffs could be felt in the rising prices of washing machines and the scrapping of solar projects in the US. Similarly, thanks to Trump's disastrous trade war with China, Latin American countries like Brazil are selling abundance of soybeans to China at US...
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    Annual trade deficits are always net detrimental to their nation's GDP.

    Annual trade deficits are always net detrimental to their nation's GDP and drag upon their numbers of jobs. They indicate national use and consumption exceeded the nation's production. Respectfully, Supposn
  6. reedak

    US-Sino creeping trade war intensifying

    The Pentagon has banned the sale of Huawei and ZTE phones in retail stores on US military bases, citing the so-called "unacceptable risk to the department's personnel, information and mission". “Chinese commercial technology is a vehicle for the Chinese government to spy on United States...
  7. arcturus88

    Bernie on Trump trade nix

    Bernie gets warm fuzzies on Trump... Trump Issues Executive Orders Freezing Federal Hiring, Targeting Trade - NBC News
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    Only Trump & Sanders acknowledge the extent of USA’s chronic trade deficits’ harm.

    Only Trump & Sanders acknowledge USA’s chronic trade deficits extents of harm; no candidates propose explicit answers. Refer to the paragraphs entitled “Trade balances affects upon their nations economies” within Wikipedia’s article entitled “Trade balances” and/or the Wikipedia article...
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    USA’s chronic trade deficits.

    USA’s chronic trade deficits. Annual trade deficits are ALWAYS immediately detrimental to their nations’ economies. There are only two presidential candidates that do not actually reject and/or effectively avoid giving any credence to the problem of USA’s chronic global annual trade...
  10. myp

    America and Egypt should trade leaders

    From Twitter earlier today: "Egypt's secretly Jewish and America's secretly Muslim politicians should trade places. Then they'd both feel at comfort with their lobbies."
  11. S

    Global trade and the state of the union speech.

    I’m a proponent of a policy based upon Warren Buffett’s unilateral Import Certificates concept. His market, (not government) driven concept would significantly reduce USA’s trade deficit of global goods, be of no net expense to our federal budget, act as a subsidy of our exports and would...
  12. myp

    Tide, the new drug trade currency

    No joke.
  13. myp

    Milton Friedman on free trade and the steel industry

    I have been watching a lot of Friedman's videos on youtube recently and I really suggest them to anyone interested in economics and the unintended consequences of restricting trade. This particular one is on free trade and steel, in which he combats the still very prevalent misconception that...
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    Trade deficits are ALLWAYS economically detrimental to their nation.

    National trade surpluses? contributions or trade deficits? detriments to their nations? GDPs are always understated. They?re understated to the extent that any goods or service products which support or were induced by the production of globally traded products but are not reflected within...
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    Reduce the trade deficit; increase GDP & median wage

    Warren Buffett?s concept to significantly reduce USA?s trade deficit I?m a proponent of a proposal that was introduced to the Senate in 2006. Trade deficits are always detrimental to a nation?s GDP. Trade deficit?s detriment to the GDP exceeds the amount of the deficit itself. The GDP...
  16. D

    Trade Unions noneffective?

    Trade Unions are powerful, if the employment level in the economy is high. But in countries where there is high unemployment, owners can simply fire the workers for standing up against them, and hire some other unemployed people to work at low wages!
  17. I

    India and Israel to sign free trade agreement.

    According to Mark Sofer that these are very tough negotiations, they affect industry, they affect agriculture, they affect technologies, they affect transfers of know-how. It's not easy!!! Source:
  18. myp

    WTC aerial pictures released

    Aerial shots of the World Trade Center from the September 11th attacks were finally released publicly today. They are the only pictures that were taken from aircraft as the buildings collapsed. Some truly stunning pictures:
  19. myp

    Cap and trade passes in the House

    I am really not very happy about this- the cap and trade legislation passed in the House yesterday by a razor thin margin of 219-211. 44 Democrats voted no and only 9 Republicans voted yes. Sadly, if those Republicans voted no, it would've failed. Now, the debate moves to the Senate, where I...