1. N

    Antarctica lost 3 trillion tonnes of ice in blink of an eye

    ' Antarctica lost 3 trillion tonnes of ice in blink of an eye .
  2. N

    US spent $5.6 trillion on wars since 9/11

    ' US spent $5.6 trillion on wars since 9/11 emphasis added The total population of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Jordan, and Palestine is about 100,000,000. Dividing 5.6 trillion by 100 million would give $56,000 for every man, woman, and child in the Middle East --- more than enough to turn...
  3. chris7375

    The Trillion Dollar Coin?

    I will never claim I am an economics wiz because I am not. Though should we really be making a triliion dollar coin?
  4. chris7375

    Fiscal Cliff Deal adds 4 Trillion to deficit.

    Well guess we will never get out of debt. It would seem that the powers that be want us to crash and burn rather then shrink the deficit.
  5. myp

    The trillion dollar platinum coin

    This idea has been making the rounds on monetary theory blogs recently. Basically, the Treasury has the power to create money in only one form- platinum coins (those collectable things that you sometimes see advertisments for). There seems to be a loophole however in that Congress never actually...
  6. myp

    Shadow banking industry grows to $67 trillion industry according to regulators

    And the growth of this area continues. And yes, that is T as in trillion.
  7. myp

    $6 trillion in counterfeit US bonds seized

    That is not a typo. $6 trillion of counterfeited US bonds were seized by Italian police. Each fake bond had a face value of $1 billion.
  8. myp

    The Zimbabwean - The Trillion Dollar Campaign

    Interesting use of the worthless currency by a newspaper in Zimbabwe. The link says it better than I ever could, so I won't explain much more:
  9. myp

    White House proposes $3.8 Trillion 2011 budget

    The White House has proposed a $3.8 trillion budget for fiscal 2011. The proposal includes several tax hikes, primarily through letting the Bush tax cuts expire, but it will still add to the national debt significantly. Thoughts? full story...
  10. myp

    Democrats propose $1.9 trillion hike in debt limit

    The Democrats were back at it again today, looking to increase the debt limit once more, this time proposing a $1.9 trillion hike. The measure of course comes in a time when they aren't in a great political position after yesterday's stunning victory by Scott Brown in Massachusetts. This...
  11. myp

    DOW up over 300 points after news of Obama's plan to buy $1 trillion in bad assets

    The market is seeing a good gain thus far today after news spread of the Obama administration's plan to spend $1 trillion on buying bad bank assets. The market is reacting well because obviously it will put a lot of the banks off the hook for the toxic asset problem, at least temporarily. The...
  12. myp

    Federal Reserve $1.2 trillion spending plan

    As another "stimulus" the Federal Reserve has now unveiled its TALF plan, in which is will print $1.2 trillion in order to buy U.S. treasuries and mortgage-related debt. This of course means inflation of the dollar and there are serious concerns of a possible stagflation period coming out of...
  13. O

    Next Budget? Try 3.6 trillion

    Early copies of the next fiscal year are at 3.6 trillion dollars. It's unbelievable how we got here. And at the same time, President Obama renewed his promised to cut the deficit in half. Here's a basic breakdown: Increased Defense spending (to be expected as troop increase) Health care...