1. Ralph47

    Adam Schiff Is A TRUE Doofus!

    And a political HACK to boot, for continuously saying that "Trump acts like he is compromised". :rolleyes: Here's the real issue: The California snowflake's mind is is simply playing tricks on him! :giggle:
  2. N

    Is it true that only progressive billionaires can save humanity?

    ' Is it true that only progressive billionaires can save humanity? .
  3. tecoyah

    The true effects of 9/11 on me and mine.

    As much as Muslims try to pretend 9/11 was not a direct result of their religion, they are fooling themselves. For myself Allah, the religion and ANYONE who decides to follow it are partially guilty and instantly disliked. You folks can whisper that your religion is one of peace, post youtube...
  4. arcturus88

    Hillary/Bernie supporters show true colors

    Hillary/Bernie supporters appear to be against the democratic process and free speech. Rather than simply voting against Trump they chose to use violence and fear to inhibit free speech. waving Mexican flags, burning American flags and ambushing Trump supporters as they leave a rally. this will...
  5. David

    Should true universal suffrage be implemented?

    BUT - The case for letting childrenĀ vote Thoughts?
  6. David

    Every Western Cold War leaders dream come true.

    NATO forces march triumphantly thru Red Square... But to celebrate Victory Day. :giggle: Good to see relations are warming. I'm an admitted Russian sympathizer and am truly heartened to see Russia and the US come closer. We should be allies, not rivals. Glad I was born after McCarthy was...