1. arcturus88

    Why you can’t trust Wall Street analysts

    Good article. I've long since noticed that the stocks I buy tend to have a rating of "buy" from these analysts. I didn't know that they all have that rating! :mad: Why you can’t trust Wall Street analysts
  2. Ralph47

    Don't Totally Trust GPS!!!

    Authorities say a trucker who was missing for four days has walked out of the Oregon wilderness safely. Jacob Cartwright, 22, got lost after his GPS sent him the wrong way, State Police Sgt. Kaipo Raiser said. Cartwright’s truck was reportedly full of potato chips when it got stuck in an...
  3. P

    Should the public be given further say, or should we trust our government?

    Whether you voted for remain or leave, the handling of the Brexit campaign was undeniably quite poor. Misinformation was present on both sides which makes one question whether it was truly the right decision to leave the result up to the public. Despite such an important decision being left...
  4. R

    I Don't Trust Hillary Clinton

    (This is a poem that I wrote about Hillary.) Because of the allegations that have come out against Hillary Clinton, she's a person who I don't trust. Hillary's supporters don't want me to tell you this but I must. Because of these allegations, I can't and won't trust her to run this country. If...
  5. reedak

    In Sam We Trust

    One afternoon when Babe returned home from his secondary school, he was surprised to find many villagers, including his neighbours See and Wo, wailing and banging angrily at the door of his grandfather Sam's house. After asking some people in the crowd, he was delighted to learn that his...
  6. M

    Obama says trust me

    Only the naive would believe their government can be blindly trusted. On this subject, there are far too many whistle blowers opening it up, too many legislators introducing bills and amendments to bills restricting the NSA. Judicial Watch, ACLU and many others filing FOIA's and law suits, the...
  7. deanhills

    Unemployment numbers .... which numbers can we trust?

    I just can't get a handle on the jobless numbers. The one day we hear the unemployment numbers are down, and the next day, that there has been an increase in claims for unemployment benefits. Which numbers can we trust? And how do they compute? And could it be that some of the numbers that are...
  8. myp

    Rasmussen: 53% trust Republicans on health care, 37% trust Democrats

    In a recent poll by Rasmussen, 53% of Americans polled say they trust Republicans more with health care than Democrats. The number falls about in line with their poll that shows 54% of Americans want the mandate bill repealed. With this poll, of the ten key issues that Rasmussen polls, the GOP...