1. reedak

    A painting waiting for a reincarnated Leonardo da Vinci?

    Excerpts from https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/donald-trump-angela-merkel-g7-photo_us_5b1c0c07e4b0bbb7a0dd66d4 (Begin excerpts) Perhaps no other photo is in more need of a thorough caption than the one released Saturday by the office of German Chancellor Angela Merkel from the Group of...
  2. RonPrice

    Australian Baha?i Family Members Anxiously Waiting

    Readers at this site might be interested in the following news item hot off the press for 12 June 2010. Australian Baha?i Family Members Anxiously Waiting SYDNEY, 12 June 2010 Roya Kamalabadi of Melbourne and Amin Tavakoli of Adelaide face anxiety today. They wait as they...
  3. Dirk

    Waiting Times - Germany vs UK

    You know these threads, they're the ones where I explain why the German system is so much better than the British, yes? Well, not this time. Something I've noticed about waiting times between the German and British healthcare systems in doctors' appointments is that the Brits have one over on...