1. Ralph47

    Lyin' Comey Website A Hit!

    :D The Republican National Committee has launched a website aimed directly at former FBI director James Comey ahead of a book tour expected to be critical of President Donald Trump. The website,, targets Comey’s credibility and includes quotes from senior Democratic party...
  2. chris7375

    Hacker take over Gov't Website.

    It would seem Anonymous is a little upset over Aaron Swartz's suicide. The took over a Gov't agency website in Retaliation for his death.
  3. Comet

    Anonymous says attack put CIA website offline

    Sort of scary these people can shut down a CIA website. Question for those computer savvy PF members. Is it not easy to track these people directly involved? There has to be some sort of cyber fingerprint left when doing something such as this, right? I believe Anonymous is biting off more...