1. Ralph47

    Nightclub Shooter's Wife Found NOT Guilty

    Jurors have reached a NOT guilty verdict in the trial of Noor Salman, the widow of the 2016 Pulse nightclub shooting's gunman, Omar Mateen. Salman is charged with obstruction of justice and providing material support to a terrorist organization. She faces life in prison if convicted.
  2. M

    Is Trump's Wife a Mail Order Bride?

    Melanija Knavs, was born in 1970 in Yugoslavia, now know as Slovenia. Knavs studied design and architecture at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia. She then worked as a model for fashion houses in Milan and Paris before relocating to New York City in 1996. After moving to New York...
  3. David

    PSL man arrested after putting down sick wife.

    He called his kids than the cops. He claimed he couldn't afford the meds anymore and she was in constant crippling pain. With luck the grand jury will see it for what it is and not charge him. Deputies: Man Kills Sick Wife, Says They Couldn?t Buy Meds | FOX40
  4. Cerise

    'Wife of Jesus' reference in Coptic 4th Century script

    An ancient scrap of papyrus makes explicit reference to Jesus having a wife, according to a renowned expert in Christian history. Harvard divinity professor Karen King unveiled the 4th-Century Coptic script at a conference in Rome. She said researchers had identified the words "Jesus said to...
  5. myp

    Romney talks about his wife's "couple" of Cadillacs

    He really can't help himself, how many times is this now? He needs to be more careful if he wants a shot at winning. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-02-24/romney-in-mich-wife-owns-couple-of-cadillacs-.html
  6. N

    US behaves like a jealous wife ...

    http://news.yahoo.com/obama-criticizes-venezuelas-ties-iran-cuba-162214595.html If you are friends with our enemies, we do not like it. Venezuela has ties to Iran and Cuba. We do not like either. So, we have to bash Venezuela. If Iraq gets friendly to its neighbor Iran, we do not like that...
  7. G

    Should reading your wife's e-mail be a crime?

    He shouldn't have been going through his wife's e-mail, but in my opinion this should be more of a moral problem than a criminal problem. In other words, he was in the wrong, but he shouldn't go to jail or go to court over something so stupid.
  8. ArghMonkey

    McCain's Wife, Daughter Back Gay Marriage Movement