1. Ralph47

    Stock Market Still Rising Post Trump Win II

    The Dow is up over 38% Since election of DJT. :cool: Anyone actually disappointed? :giggle:
  2. reedak

    Chinese tourists can help country win trade war

    1. Dan Kopf is a reporter for Quartz based in San Francisco. He covers economics and markets. Dan has a Masters in Economics from the London School of Economics. The following are excerpts from Dan Kopf's April 12, 2018 article headlined "If the US wants to reduce its trade deficit, it...
  3. Ralph47

    Do You Think Kid Rock Will Win Senatorship?

    :cool: just curious :cool:
  4. Ralph47

    Manatees Divided On Superbowl Win

    Manatees Hugh and Buffett select their predictions for the Superbowl 52 on Thursday, February 1, 2018. Hugh went with the Philadelphia Eagles and Buffett predicted the New England Patriots. Mote Marine Lab manatees make conflicting Super Bowl picks | Bradenton Herald
  5. Ralph47

    Stock Market Still Rising Post Trump Win

    The Dow is now up 33.8% since election day 2016!!! :cool: Wow, my son's company's (Amazon) stock is up 55% this year!!! And he gets 1/2 his pay in company stock, so he's making a fortune! :D
  6. myp

    Does greater automation mean capital holders will continue to win bigger and bigger?

    David and I kind of touched on this topic here: Today, Krugman posted about something similar (I usually wouldn't link to him because of all the partisan bs [this post is no different] but the point is good so please bear with me on that)...
  7. myp

    Romney win would change little at the Fed in short term

    An analysis suggests that a Romney presidency might not change much at the Fed in the short run.
  8. M

    Protests against Vladimir Putin amid His Convincing Win in Preliminary

    Isn’t the electoral issue an internal problem of Russia? Read Ful article:
  9. Comet

    Who Will Win the GOP Nomination?

    Right here, right now, state who you believe will win the Republican nomination and face off against President Obama? If you are feeling especially cavalier, explain why. Despite losing the last three primaries, and possibly losing Maine today, I am going with Mitt Romney. Despite being...
  10. Comet

    Who Will Win the South Carolina GOP Primary?

    Simple question. Who will win the South Carolina GOP presidential primary? A little fact about the South Carolina Republican presidential primary---every winner since its inception back in 1980 has gone on to win the party nomination. :nerd: This is going to come down to Romney and Gingrich...
  11. C

    Republicans Expected to Win 2012 Elections

    Republicans Expected to Win 2012 Elections Source: Rest of story:
  12. C

    Democrat Jim Moran says US military cannot win the war in Afghanistan

    HEADLINE: Democrat Jim Moran says US military cannot win the war in Afghanistan OVERVIEW: Democrat congressman Jim Moran from Virginia declares that the US military is not capable of winning against some primitive Taliban terrorist hiding in their caves in Afghanistan! LINK...
  13. D

    How to win the war on terror

    How do we stop terrorism? Lots of my buddies on the left seem to want to invite them for crumpets and tea over dinner. That is NOT how we fight terror. We need a military solution to this problem. If we do nothing now, in a decade, we will be like Israel. Nobody wants to have us being...