1. tecoyah

    Will this work?

    "Washington (CNN)Democratic mega-donor and billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer is spending what an aide says is "well over $10 million" on a national TV ad campaign Friday calling for President Donald Trump's impeachment. The campaign is a bid by Steyer -- who has not ruled out a run for...
  2. F

    West Bank Real Estate: Your Tax Dollars Hard at Work!

    To encourage Jews to illegally settle there in the WEST BANK, the Israeli government subsidizes home purchases and offers reduced rates for leasing land, in addition to the perks all new Israeli citizens get such as free health care, upward of a 90 percent reduction in property taxes, tuition...
  3. myp

    Right to work

    Michigan recently became the 24th? state to pass a "right to work" law which makes mandatory union membership illegal. I think it is a great move towards a freer labor market. Some think it undercuts unions too much, but I don't see how forced membership is a good thing for the workers who this...
  4. P

    East coast earthquake interrupted the president's work

    The shaking was so bad on Martha's Vineyard, it made him miss a putt.
  5. deanhills

    Obama cancels trip to Indonesia to work on Health Care Reform Bill

    I wonder how many other activities have been cancelled by Obama so that he can work on the Healthcare Reform Bill. Surely there has to be a greater balance as this has to be getting to the point of negligence. The majority of the population have already let him know that the Reform Bill in its...
  6. myp

    Banning Guns- it does not work

    The debate on banning guns heated up once more after the election of President Obama. I am against such action, as I believe it is against the 2nd amendment and I think people should have the right to defend themselves. Not only that, but I think banning guns won't actually reduce crime because...