1. Ralph47

    Obama - Worst President In History!

    Six top reasons: 1. The largest deficits in history 2. The worst economic recovery 3. Obamacare 4. Purging Gitmo 5. Obama’s surveillance state 6. Weaponizing the government against his enemies https://pjmedia.com/trending/six-reasons-why-barack-obama-is-the-worst-president-in-history/
  2. Ralph47

    California The Worst State?

    According to a recently posted article, California rates at the very bottom of "the quality of life" ratings. But our son seems perfectly happy here, and I have no problem with the State, other than the Interstate Highway and streets are in rough shape, compared to FL. Plus the weather (this...
  3. arcturus88

    worst metal band promotional photos...

    do you remember when it was "cool" for metal bands to cross dress ? 14 of the Worst Metal Band Promo Photos of All Time ~ vintage everyday
  4. C

    The worst is yet to come

    By Eugene Robinson The Court of Mad King Donald is not a presidency. It is an affliction, one that saps the life out of our democratic institutions, and it must be fiercely resisted if the nation as we know it is to survive...
  5. arcturus88

    worst - best president list

    dear patrons, please arrange the following presidents from worst to best. the best or worst don't have the be the best or worst throughout time, or of all the presidents in history; just the best or worst of the list below. I'm looking for worst or best overall...not specifically, with relation...
  6. Aeonpax

    Worst Speaker Ever: John Boehner Uses Pathetic Twitter Campaign to Blame Obama for Se

    Introduction; My name is Joan but you can call me Æon. Prologue: I am no fan of President Obama or the Democratic party. I see Mr. Obama as a corporate tool and the Democrats as being disorganized cowards. As far as the GOP is concerned, they are headed for absolute ideological stagnation, like...
  7. M

    Worst Road crash in the history of Switzerland; Alas! 22 lives have been lost

    Follow link to Read details:http://www.worldrealnews.com/2012/03/14/worst-road-crash-in-the-history-of-switzerlan
  8. C

    Obama's Approval Plunges Below Worst-Ever President Carter

    Obama's Approval Plunges Below Worst-Ever President Carter Tuesday, 29 Nov 2011 04:20 PM By John Bachman Rest of story: http://www.newsmax.com/InsideCover/Obama-Carter-Gallup-approval/2011/11/29/id/419436?s=al&promo_code=D9C0-1
  9. myp

    Worst presidents of all time

    I am not sure how many of you use Facebook, but the LivingSocial application is becoming quite popular nowadays. It allows people to pick their top five for virtually anything. I recently installed it and picked my top five worst US Presidents and thought it'd be a good topic of conversation...