1. Ralph47

    98 Yr. Old RV Driver Going Wrong Way Kills Teens

    :(:(:( FORT PIERCE, Fla. — Two St. Lucie County teenagers are dead after Florida Highway Patrol troopers say a 98-year-old man was driving the wrong way on 4-lane divided highway and crashed into the teens who were traveling in a pickup truck. Not only that, but it was night and RV headlights...
  2. arcturus88

    natural interpretations of right and wrong

    from a "natural" sense of life, meaning all science chalks up to life, we as humans are "right" or better said, "successful" by one thing and one thing alone. procreation. procreation so as to enable our genes to carry on. that means the guy who has 11 kids out of wed-lock and is a...
  3. arcturus88

    teaching kids right from wrong

    I've recently had the job of "dad" thrust on me and came to a perplexing line of thought. when teaching the little one the "right" way i need to reason why it is the right way. there is always, the golden rule, "do it because that's what you want done to you". But that seems to fall a little...
  4. Protectionist

    I Like the IRS! Where did they do anything wrong ?

    I Like the IRS! Where did they do anything wrong ? Does anyone know anything that they specifically did that could be considered unfair or improper ? They do have to check for the validity of tax exempt statuses, based on their specifications, no ? What mainly bothers me is all these...
  5. myp

    Mark Lynas admits he was wrong on GM foods

    Unfortunately the unscientific anti-GM foods movement continues. There is nothing inherently wrong with genetic modification! http://www.marklynas.org/2013/01/lecture-to-oxford-farming-conference-3-january-2013/ Thoughts?
  6. tecoyah

    What I see as wrong with America.

    Has been dropped before us all today...proclaimed inadvertently by the very worst humanity has produced after an evolution that created the Einstiens, Mother Theresas, and incredible advances in health, prosperity, and societal growth we still need to deal with the Rush Limbaughs of our world...
  7. rice_farmer

    Same Sex couples adopting?!

    "The same report estimates more than 14,100 foster children were living with one or more gay or lesbian foster parent. Though denied the right to marry in every state except Massachusetts, more and more same-sex couples are turning to adoption and foster care to form families, according to child...
  8. David

    Einstein was wrong, you can go faster then light.

    Well maybe, it needs to be confirmed obviously but if this is true it throws the laws of physics as we know them out the window.
  9. obtuseobserver

    kucinich is Wrong on Obama's Order to Attack Libya

    Kucinich is a tool and wrong to boot about the President's authority to authorize attacks. Whether the choice was wise or not I have no clue. But it is his to make. [COLOR=#0066cc]http://obtuseobserver.com/?p=2167
  10. C

    Dem says it?s wrong to celebrate Christmas if unemployment benefits aren?t extended

    HEADLINE: Democrat says it?s wrong to celebrate Christmas if unemployment benefits aren?t extended OVERVIEW: Democrat congressman Jim McDermott from Washington says that it's wrong to celebrate Christmas if Americans don't support extending the unemployment benefits for those lazy people...
  11. myp

    CBO says health reform bills are moving in the wrong way

    Congressional Budget Office Director Douglas Elmendorf testified today that the health reform bills currently being proposed in Washington are only going to increase Federal costs while not cutting healthcare costs by much. Really not surprising to me at all considering how absurd some aspects...
  12. C

    Laffer gone wrong

    The whole idea of stimulating the economy with tax cuts is based on something called the Laffer curve. I saw Laffer, the economist who developed it, interviewed during the campaign. He said that the idea of cutting taxes for a stimulous was applicable only on a certain portion of the curve...
  13. J

    What is wrong with Iran?

    Americas hate Iran. Why? In 1953 the CIA overthrew Irans democratically elected leader. What if Iran or any other country overthrow or tried to overthrow our government?? Wouldn't Americans be pissed?? So in 1978 there was a revolution and they ousted the government we put into place...
  14. J

    Whats wrong with Socialism?

    Why do Americans hate Socialism? Socialism does not equal Communism. For some reason it would seem that Americans associate Socialism with Communism. What would be so bad with implementing some Socialist ideas in to American Democracy like Germany or Canada? Should health care companies...