20 Year Old Baby Born!

Aug 2010
From the article...

A fertilized embryo that had been in cryogenic storage for 20 years has finally been born.

The mother who had tried infertility treatments for over a decade has delivered a healthy baby boy!

Full article here.

The duration that embryos may be successfully stored as well as the assertion that mothers may start families much later in life raise some interesting questions. That one could does not necessarily mean that one should (or should not).
Aug 2010
For purposes of clarification, it wasn't a baby, but was simply frozen goo for all those years. I jest, of course. Disregard for human life, young or old, is always a mistake. That glop of frozen goo may well end up being a concert pianist. One never knows.

In other news, leading proctologists report that Barney Frank may have given birth to his final fart. Climatologists say it was rather gaseous, but studies have not been completed. Updates to follow, with climatic commentary from Al Gore at 10:00.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming ...
Aug 2010
I've got a bad back, a very bad one, but I'd prefer giving the young pianist a chance at life over me being able to sprint again. Amazingly enough, not all of we decrepit old conservatives are selfish bastards.
Nov 2010
I agree with the experiments idea and fundamentals. The idea of a mother choosing the best time for her child to be born is in a lot of ways beneficial.